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GiantBlade Made in Italy - HVLS
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Giant Blade HVLS Fan installed 20 unit at Mercedes Benz Factory, Gunung Putri.




Giant Blade with whalepower technology is a green power breakthrough which allows our High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans to deliver previously impossible level of performance.

- 5 Blades are 25% more aerodynamically efficient
- Aerodynamic blade noise 1/5 of conventional fans
- Consumes 20% less energy

Benefits of Giant Blade Fans

  • Quiet, efficient operation, no annoying high speed circulating or exhaust fans
  • Virtually maintenance free (recomnended inspections every 20,000 hours)
  • inexpensive to operate. Cost approx. 6 cents per hour for one fan at 0.75 kW (1 HP)
  • Greatly reduces the "recovery" time when overhead doors are open with a constant air flow through the space
  • provides a constan, even temperature form floor to ceiling and wall to wall
  • Will minimize the need for expensive duct work in new construction for both heating and air conditioning systems
  • A comfortable workplace environment increases productivity & decreases absenteeism

The Tubercle advantage

  • Offering stall angles as little as 20°
  • Always stalling gradually
  • Eliminating span-wise pumping; the primary cause of efficiency loss
  • Eliminating tip stallin; the primary couse of blade noise & vibration
  • Lowering noise by offering tubercle TechnologyTM Hyper stability which also lowers vibrations which cause wear & tear on the blades and drive train

We are proud to acknowledge that no other blade can math the Tubercle TechnologyTM blade when it comes to generating substantially greater lift while reducing tag.


  • Fans Range from 2.4 m to 7.3 m (8' to 24') in diameter
  • Capable of moving nearly 188,000 I/s (397,701 cfm)
  • Operates on 0.75 to 1.5 kW (1 HP to 2 HP)
  • Variable frequency drive provides soft start and full variable speed operation
  • Creates a non-disruptive airflow
  • The largest Altra-Air fan consumes less power than the average hair dryer